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Training program is Going On for Rural Marginalized Women

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Women Empowerment Through Micro Enterprises; Mushroom Cultivation Project

Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage (KSCH) is a social enterprise functioning at the grass root level for the permanent developmental changes of rural, urban and tribal areas of India. We believe that livelihood is the most important component of any sustainable developmental model. If we can improve economic conditions in the rural and tribal areas then we can automatically address other social aspects like Education, Health and Sanitation.

Hence, our immediate focus is on the development of existing livelihood including Agriculture, Horticulture, Fish Harvesting and Poultry that are prevalent in these rural and tribal areas. We provide technical assistance for the development of Education,Health, and Sanitation. We are also working towards providing a platform for traditional folk music, dance and artifacts as livelihood generating mechanisms for rural people. We encourage community led developmental programs to foster growth and awareness within the communities.

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The goal of KSCH is to empower rural and tribal women who are victims of systematic problems at social, cultural and economic level through sustainable livelihood to support and preserve the cultural heritage, and create a Special Cultural Zones (SCZ) for folk art, music and dance in the rural and tribal areas.

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Arshinagar 2019 :

A Village Folk Festival Promoting Rural Culture of Bengal with community led tourism.

Venue :         Jalangi, Murshidabad
Date :           18th to 20th January 2019
Program :    Bangla Qawali

We are providing Stay (tent), Food and Transport (Kolkata to Kolkata).