Add an introductory sentence about poultry farming is common but was not predictable in quality and quantity in hatching eggs. The community’s one of the basis sustenance is egg, poultry. Assuming this is true

 hatcheryWithout any support of electricity or machinery chicken eggs can be hatched by a rural incubator. It’s a low cost, sustainable, and easily buildable hatchery closet made of plywood and wooden boards where eggs are kept in the trays. Through candles or chimneys heat is provided. To control the humidity water pots and sands can be used.Over 1000 eggs can be hatched at one time.
After 21 days the eggs are ready to hatch. Women who tend the hatchery sell the chicks in the market at Rs.240 for twelve eggs chicks from the eggs. The hatching percentage is nearly 80% from this low cost incubator. We train them to start their endeavor. We also offer them direct market linkage to sell their products.

There are 260 households from West Bengal have enrolled in this venture as their primary source of livelihood under our management.