Mushroom Cultivation

There are several types of mushrooms that can be cultivated in West Bengal. But we are concentrating on Oyster and Milky mushrooms to cultivate according to the local environment and market demand.

The ingredients can be found easily all around like water, straw, cultivation plastic bags, few low cost chemicals like formalin, bavistin and jute string. We provide the seeds or spawns for mushroom cultivation and fungicides &germicides which are required for the farming. This is a very cost effective procedure to start an endeavor like mushroom. SHG can profit up to Rs.20 to Rs.45 per bag. When the SHGs invest 200 or more bags their profit value will increase accordingly. We also provide training, assistance and the direct market linkage to grow and sell their products.



There are 440 households from various SHGs from West Bengal participating in this venture as their primary source of livelihood under our supervision.