The Community Forest

Our vision

Our initiative has begun under the banner of “The Community Forest” – Sustainable Plantation Initiative led by the Community to restore the Mangrove forestry of Sundarban. We have planted over 18,686 mangrove saplings and more than 2 Lakhs seeds are already being implanted in the Community Nursery. We collected near about 6 lakhs mangrove seeds so far. Our 42 supervisors and trainers are daily monitoring the process. Our target is to implant 4 lakhs mangroves in a year. 2,850 families are engaged in the project.


Plantation in a year


Families engaged


Plantation Complied

About Us

For more than 4 years Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage has been operating social development pertaining to reduce the human & wild interactions, self-reliance of women self-help groups in forest fringe villages at Sundarban.




of the Project

  • Income generation for the poor.

  • Heritage and culture preservation of Sundarban.

  • We are also promoting the age old culture related to Mangroves.

  • Mangroves will help to maintain water quality.

  • Mangroves help to defend the coastal lives of Sundarban.

  • The project will help to develop the biodiversity of Sundarban.

The Community Forest will help to generate 20 Million rupees per year for 2,850 families.