Education Shikshangan

We all know that education is the strongest tool to communicate with. Whenever we just want to exchange our thoughts we need education. Also to secure additional income for better opportunities providing free education system is the key. So we are going to provide facilities for free education and practical skills with essential knowledge that will give those beneficiaries the opportunity to improve their health, wealth and well-being.

Our action plan:

  1. Provide basic principles and skills that they can keep for life such as financial literacy to give them a complete understanding of income.
  2. Help improve literacy and writing ability.

Project:  Shikshangan

Location:  Hooghly

Target Population:  Male/Female, Children

Our attendance rate is 97% including both the centers, which proves the enthusiasm and excitement of the students. The project will help to change the life of the beneficiaries through education and empowerment. With the power of knowledge and confidence will help to direct their own future.